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Download the pingshop business app here


  1. Clients/Customers Profiles with their Points earned, timeline(like facebook) with their business visits, date, hour, points earned and all that. Should have Profile picture and Cover (like facebook or twitter – Check if possible to get the profile picture and header from user facebook account). In the timeline should also appear the rewards that they have changed with the points, place that that have visited (this option can be turned on or off in they settings area).
  2. Points: Every point earned should be divided by business (When checking their points it should show the total amount of points and also show the business with their corresponding points).
  3. QR Code: The user have their own QR code, also is an option to use a physical card instead of the phone, the users can get this cards on every affiliated business, so if a user lost their card and want a new one and not lose all his points, they should put in contact with our support team so they assign the new card/qr code to their profiles.
  4. Scan QR Code: Scan Business QR Code to make the ping (Check in in the place), the user can scan the business QR code or scan their QR code from card or smartphone on the tablet that is located on the business.
  5. Login: Login with facebook, twitter, or create an account.
  6. Look for places near to the user or search with city, zip code, state.
  7. General Wall: (Like facebook but Here will appears some promotions, coupons or stuff)
  8. When the users make a ping and if they have linked their twitter or facebook accounts it will post that to their facebook walls)
  9. The APP should learn from users preferences, so if user go to pizza restaurant a lot of time or any other business, the app should make recommendations from users preference and app usage.
  10. Search Bar. The user can search for specific business name, or search by city, zip code, or business type like in the designed screen. It should also show places near the user.
  11. Invite users with a personal code to win points when a referred user installs the app.


  1. Business Profile with profile picture and covers (like facebook, also if possible link with their own facebook profiles if they exist) In this profile will have their phone number, address, category, and promotions, or some images from their menu, website, email, and so on. Users can click on the phone to make a call from their cell phones, and this will generate statistics, so business can know how many call were made from the app.
  2. On the Business profile, business can set “Tags” from services that they offer, for example a restaurant can add “Pizza” “Burger” or any other service that they offer, so when users search for pizza for example the place be listed on the search result.
  3. Dashboard where they will see all of the statistics (what days do they have more visits, if they are male or female, ages, coupons or promotions redeemed, how much call have they received from users clickin the phone call button, any information that may be measurable.
  4. Add/Edit/Modify the rewards (How many points need for every reward)
  5. Add promotions and coupons and news.
  6. Pingshop Customer Acquisition: Grow your customer base every month with targeted offers to Pingshop Members near you who haven’t visited your business yet.
  7. Main Screen for tablet too where users can scan their QR Code from cell phone or physical card. Also users can sign up here if they get a physical card from business.


  1. Dashboard for look at every statistic. Like business owners see, (Ages, Sex) How many business, and any information that can be measured.
  2. Points Creation for PingShop Profile, for example give 10 points to users when they complete their profile, or give X amount of points when adding a credit card, stuff like that. Give points for referred users (when a user install the app with an invitation code)
  3. Section for managing PingShop Profile
  4. Add/Delete/Modify Business
  5. Manage users
  6. Manage Subscriptions (Create, edit, search, delete packages and select what options are available to the business, this will depend on the package that the business acquired)
  7. Set up Push notifications, for example set at 1:00 p.m. to send a message saying “It´s time for lunch, go to pingshop app and check for a restaurant near you” or any type of push notifications.